Terms & Conditions

Insurance: Muttz for Cutz Mobile Dog Grooming Salon maintain full and current Public Liability Insurance that covers our groomers, processes and equipment for all accidental damage or loss arising from our Mobile Pet Grooming Service.


Dogs With Behavioural Problems: Muttz For Cutz Dog Grooming Salon reserve the right to refuse a groom service for difficult or aggressive dogs and dog owners requesting a service must inform the groomer in advance of any such behavioural issues or prior incidents.

In-Groom Health Inspection Process: Dog owners presenting a pet for grooming must pre-advise Muttz For Cutz of any known and relevant health conditions of their pet at that time. Muttz For Cutz will examine your dog – during grooming – for lumps or bumps and will immediately advise the pet owner of any concerns but, in all circumstances, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to consult with a vet as our groomers are not medical professionals.

Badly neglected dog coats will cause matted fur or hair on dog that may require our groomer to clip close to the dog’s skin. This can – in some circumstances – cause skin irritation or skin “nicks”. In such circumstances; dog owners presenting their pets for grooming agree that Muttz For Cutz will not be liable for any pet discomfort or other effects following the grooming session and furthermore understand that they will pay for the full-groom cost regardless if it becomes impossible to complete the groom in a single session.

Missed Appointments & Cancellations: A call out fee will be charged for missed appointments, and in instances where we cannot complete the groom due to dogs behavioural and/or health problems.  We accept cancellations up to 24 hours in advance, after which a cancellation fee may be applied.

Late Collection from our Salon: A €10 per 30 minutes fee will apply if dogs are not collected from our salon at the agreed time.  An overnight fee of €50 will apply to any dogs that are not collected during the day and have to be kept with us.

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